Authentic Mexican Dish Recipes

All recipes contain step-by-step instructions, including materials needed and approximate time length for each dish. There are several methods to making Machacado, so ultimately there will be several recipes at hand. Always something to keep in mind with cooking something new, the first time may not be great, you can either try the recipe again, try an alternate recipe (also provided here) or try alternate materials/brands.

  1. Cocina al Natural: Machaca Con Huevo:
    Machaca, as also seen below as machacado, is a second recipe provided to you both in spanish and in english. The youtube video by cocinaalnatural is in spanish, and directly below it is the translation into english.
  2. Machacado Con Huevo a la Mexicana:
    Machacado a la Mexicana is a spicy dish and is the most common in Northern Mexico, California, Texas, and New Mexico.
  3. Carne Seca (Dried Beef) Recipe:
    This is an authentic Mexican recipe for a homemade version of carne seca. With this you'll be able to make your own dried been in the comfort of your home and throw your own spin on it.
  4. Betty's Kitchen: Green Onion and Chipped Dried Beef Dip Recipe:
    (Youtube video instructions included) "This is a unique combination of flavors, and gets rave reviews from everyone who tries it. It has very few ingredients, and takes only a few minutes to assemble. This is the perfect appetizer for the casual or elegant get-together."