Snackable Beef Jerky

Brand: Jack Link's Beef Jerky
Flavor: Carne Seca Jalapeno
Amount: Pack of 10: 1.5oz bags.
About: The premade, precooked beef jerky by Jack Link's is fresh and ready to eat straight out of the bag. No need for preparation or cooking. Great for a quick, spicy, snack.
Brand: Buffalo Bills
Flavor: Premium Hickory
Amount: 16oz
About: Buffalo Bills Beer Jerky is proudly made in the USA with 100% US beef - USDA inspected and approved. Nationwide #1 selling beef jerky since 1990 and HEALTHY with only 2 carbs and 70 calories per ounce.
Brand: Oh Boy! Oberto
Flavor: Original
Amount: Pack of 4: 3.25oz bags
About: Oh Boy! Oberto original flavor beef jerky contains both wheat and soy and is made from turkey breast, soy sauce, water, wheat, soybeans, salt