What is "Carne Seca" or "Dried Beef?"

     Carne Seca, or its literal English translation, Dried Beef, is a product of dehydrated beef. The preparation of Carne Seca can vary greatly between companies, from the marinating recipes, to the forms of preparation such as dehydrating the beef. The most common preparation of Carne Seca comes from where it originated, Northern Mexico. Carne Seca, unlike its American counterpart, Beef Jerky, is prepared quite differently. First of all, Carne Seca is usually prepared through dishes such as Machacado, and isn't usually eaten directly out of the packaging such as beef jerky.

What is Machacado?

     Machacado, or Machaca, means to be pounded, crushed and shredded. Machacado is often prepared in an extremely popular dish that often contains onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc. Preparing Machacado can be achieved in several ways from tightly rolled flautas, to tacos, to burritos, or to it's most popular form "machacado" which is a dish that contains eggs, onions, chiles/peppers, and more. Machacado is a very popular Mexican/Spanish dish that originated from Northern Mexico, which you can read more on in the recipe section.

What is LaUnicaDriedBeef.com?

     La Unica Dried Beef is a website dedicated to carne seca, machecado, dried beef and beef jerky fanatics. The website will contain a wide range of recipes for you to make in the comfort of your home. The website will contain a large business base with restaurants that make machacado throughout the United States, and the website will contain companies that sell machacado, carne seca, dried beef and carne seca products. If you are a restaurant, or a merchant that would like to have your business featured then contact us.

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